Diamond & CBN Tools

We produce grinding wheels, cut-off wheels, mounted points, files and dressing tools, saw sharpening wheels, as well as many special tools in synthetic resin bond, metal bond, ceramic bond and galvanic bond from ∅0,2mm to ∅750mm for the

  • Metal industry
  • Machinery & Toolmaking
  • Car industry
  • Computer industry
  • Aviation industry
  • Shipbuilding


Diamond (100 % pure carbon)

is due to its hardness (Moossche-Hardness scale 10) an ideal abrasive for very hard materials above 65 HRc. Natural diamonds are mainly used in dressers and electroplated tools. In almost all other tools, especially grinding wheels, synthetic diamond grits are used. Since the diamond consists of carbon, it must not be used on iron/FE materials.


Cubic boron nitride (CBN)

is currently the second hardest material after diamond. CBN is produced exclusively synthetically. The field of application for CBN is grinding, turning and milling of hardened tool steels above 58-65 HRc. In contrast to diamond, there are no chemical reactions between the abrasive and the elements contained in the steel.

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